Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your music on a YouTube Video?

YES! As long as you copy and paste the license into your video description. Each song will contain a different license.

Can I use your music on Instagram/Facebook?
Yes, but please use the relevant license from the following link:

Can I use your music in a podcast?

You can only use my music in a podcast when you are NOT uploading to online streaming services (I.E. Spotify/iTunes etc...) Distribution of my work is against my terms of use.

Do I need to pay you for your music use?

Nope, I don't ask for payments in return for my music use, although I do appreciate when someone donates to me or purchases my music (rather than downloading for free)

What can I and can't I do with your music?
For detailed information about what can and can't be done with my music, please see my licensing page here:
Thank you, I will be in touch with you soon!
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