Usage Policy
Please read the following and complete the form below.


What can I do with your music?

• You can use my music for free in return for copying and pasting the license(s) into your description(s).
• You can use my music on the following websites*:
*If you would like to use on another website then please contact me.
• You can chop/extend/edit the duration of my music to fit your video.


What am I not allowed to do with your music?

• You can't use Mp3 converters to download my music. This effects the quality of my content (effecting my reputation and the quality of your video).
• You can't remix/remake/duplicate my music. Remix(s) must be approved by Declan DP
• You can't rename my music. 
• You can't edit my licenses. Licenses must be copied and pasted word for word. You may add to the license if you are promoting my work but you can not remove parts from it.
• You can't distribute my music, this includes (but is not limited to):
- Giving away the download for free.
- Selling the music.
- Uploading to online music streaming/distribution sites (Audio Grab, Soundcloud ETC..)
- Adding to streaming stores (Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify ETC..)
• You can't copy/edit/re-use logos or videos from Declan DP. All video recordings and logos by Declan DP are copyrighted worldwide unless stated otherwise. Please contact me for permission
• You can't claim my music as your own. This infringes my rights as the content owner and creator and will result in legal action being taken as I hold evidence for all content I provide.

Please note: Misuse of my works will result in a copyight complaint. My content can only be used when licensed correctly.


All sound recordings and musical composition by Declan DP are copyrighted worldwide.

Declan DP holds full exclusive rights to all music released and these rights can not be taken by another individual/organisation. Any person(s) who attempts to take music rights away from Declan DP such as, selling to online stores for example will result in legal action being taken on the individual/organisation as Declan DP holds evidence for the creation of each song/composition.